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I will assume that it is hot outside today because it's the International Non-Binary People's Day and nonbinary people are hot.
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it's non biney day

a day for when you don't have any binery

@pfx "have you tried laughing your ass off and on again?"

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kerbal space program is so cool
i wish planets were real

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Hey federated verse I'm looking for cloud computing/vps provider recommendations.


* ethical (no megacorps).
* api for creating/destroying resources
* green energy/carbon neutral
* preferably within Europe for gdpr compliance

Boosts welcome! Thanks!

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The Pun Paradox: The worse the pun, the better the pun

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"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" actually, the singular is: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaum


@Vierkantor now I'm wondering what words like "uitgerust" 'mean'

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"welterusten" is a Dutch word meaning "to rewrite in Rust"


@oat yeah I recently looked it up to colour pick the colours and was so disappointed :/

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Lots of anti-bird posting on my TL today. Need I remind you that

• RAVENS will take pieces of bark and literally WIND-SURF on thermal updrafts in the mountains
• HONEYGUIDES are so named because they will guide humans to beehives containing DELICIOUS HONEY
• GREATER BLACK-BACKED GULLS can swallow a WHOLE RABBIT without chewing

All this (and more) just goes to show that birds are

• cool as hell
• helpful and friendly
• but most importantly, if YOU choose to mess with them, they CAN and WILL fuck you up

So please think twice before you disrespect birds on this federated verse! 🙏

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@Vierkantor I once had some problems with latex formatting so I've handed in a report that somewhere in the appendix has a page that says "this page has been left unintentionally blank"

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this sentence makes you breathe manually

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@00dani reminder that github has contracts with ICE

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