Because of @ricardo everytime i cargo run my projects i think 'car don't do that, cargo drive'

why do people keep talking ab the netherlands like it's a real place ?? bro it's literally in minecraft ??
browsers should have clippy so that when you're, say, on the fediverse and you type "so I was using my florple..." then clippy activates and goes "you mentioned using florple. people will criticize your using of florple. prepare to assume a defensive posture."

Eurovisionposting, last one i swear 

I love being in a polycule bc i get to go like "omg we got points" to like 5 countries now

Eurovisionposting, roposting 

Mama: "n-am inteles nimic din jurizarea asta" fmdnskdsnsnv nici eu sincer

I had a bunch of researchy tabs open with papers about algebra and stuff and after coming back from lunch I noticed one tab called "Rice fields" and I thought, "Rice fields? Do I know what Rice fields are? Who is Rice? Why was I looking at this?"
It turns out rice fields are fields where rice grows.


They re doing zdob si zdub so dirty :(

if i were at the hotel california i would simply just leave

Eurovision, nsfw ment text 

Still thinking abt the Moldova i just had sex with your ex qualifier dude


"philly cheese is an official sponsor because they put it in the carbonara"

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SJDKDMD my partners keep trash talking rimini :(((

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