I just heard them sigh while typing and continue what does this MEAN

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Why is having someone look over ur report so stressful

My girlfriend ate the chocolate cranberries i was keeping SPECIFICALLY for stress eating

alright I guess it's time to learn NixOS :/ i hate trans homework

cat levels are critical

(09%) ■□□□□□□□□□

I'm just coming out of a very busy period ((which is not over yet)) BUT
I'd like to announce I'll be attending EECC 2022 as an artist on Artists' Alley, boot X31 near the main stage 💙

So if you happen to be there as well, maybe come say hi ~

#EastEuropeanComicCon2022 #ArtistsAlley

Autocorrelation?? Integrals??? How about you integrate some bitches into your LIFE br-

all blankets just a little hole for face to breathe and everything else is blankets. pillows are copious, to rest the head, the knees, the arms in hug formation. all crowned by blankets. I'm crowned by blankets, because I'm Queen of this bed

fedi don’t get me thinking about boys please i’m already thinking about boys oh no

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